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Hello there!

For all of you who have been to my site before and for all of those who are new, Welcome! I will be continuing to blog as Melodically Happy although my website is undergoing some major changes. I would like to re-present this webpage to you all, in the future months, as an inspirational and motivational blog to a much more positive and happier life! (:

I am still young and have very recently graduated from College (April 2016). I am constantly seeking guidance and understanding of my life. I don’t quite believe in having a specific reason for being alive; although, I would really like to move forward and make the best of the life that I live. In fact, I’d like to share my experiences and encourage those around me and the world to do the same.

When you’re down and feeling left out or in the shadows, look up to yourself and think about the great things. Learn to love yourself and the little things that you may take for granted.

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See you this summer!

  • Shaeleigh xo ♥